Policy for Elimination of Anti-Social Forces

GRID INC. establishes the following policy against anti-social forces and, by our officers and employees complying with this policy, makes reasonable efforts to secure the appropriateness and safety of our business operation.

1.Organizational Response
We, as a whole of our company under the leadership of our management, respond against anti-social forces by establishing a response policy and process against anti-social forces in our internal rules. In addition, we make efforts to organizationally respond to anti-social forces in order to secure the safety of our employees responding to anti-social forces.
2.Cooperation with External Experts
We make continuous efforts to maintain strong relations and closely cooperate with external experts, such as the police, lawyers and the National Center for the Elimination of Boryokudan.
3.Ban on any relations, including transactions, with anti-social forces
We ban any relations, including transactions, with anti-social forces.
4.Legal responses, both civil and criminal, in the event of an emergency
We firmly reject any unjustified demands from anti-social forces and, if necessary, make both civil and criminal legal responses.
5.Prohibition of engagement in secret transactions with and provision of funds to anti-social forces
We never engage in secret transactions with anti-social forces. In addition, we never provide any funds to anti-social forces.

Date of enactment: August 26, 2019
CEO Masaru Sogabe

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