AI digital revolution in financial services

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GRID is democratizing AI by promoting “Everywhere AI”, which allows financial institutions to implement the analytical and forecasting strengths of AI in a variety of solutions. We offer solutions for various activities, such as increasing efficiency in screening operations, improving profitability in retail marketing, strengthening oversight of wholesale business, and detection of previously unknown illicit activity patterns.


Increasing efficiency of screening and audit operations

Costs can be reduced for entire screening operations by employing AI to OCR information to send fax automatically, using RPA to link input process to the main system, or by assembling an AI solution for scoring with an AI credit model.

Improve earnings in retail marketing

The key to optimizing profitability in this era of ultra-low interest rates is data implementation and real-time responsiveness for retail marketing. Implementing AI can enable real-time following of customers with good cross-selling prospects and customers with significant cancellation risk.

Detection of previously unknown illicit activity (financial crime countermeasures)

Progressively complex systems and increasingly sophisticated tactics are adding to the complexity of countermeasures against financial crime. Implementing ReNom TDA against previously unknown illicit activity makes visible the overall pattern of complex illegal transactions, allowing the identification of transactions engaged in abnormal behavior.

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