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“ReNom User Group (RNUG)” is a community, formed by users who try to utilizAI and data analysis technology started in July 2017, for real business application.
In addition to provide the latest information of ReNom, examples are shared among the community members. We plan to do hands-on, workshops with community member in the future. Anyone who is interested can join the


From sharing information to actual business


About ReNom User Group (RNUG)

【 Official Name】ReNom User Group (RNUG)
【 Operating Entity】RNUG Operation Executive Office
【Membership Qualifications 】  ReNom users and those who considering future use ( companies, universities, research institutions, etc. )
【 Membership Registration / Membership Fee 】 Required: (Corporate Name, Department, Position, Full Name, Contact Information, etc.) ・Free Admission
【 Activity Details 】
1 )Meetings held with users every 1.5 months, technical information provision, case presentation etc.
2 )Provision of technical information, information exchange, etc. by means of member website.
3 )An earlier release of evaluation versions for members

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