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Grid’s Digital Twin AI technology helps customers reduce CO2 emissions while improving their KPI metrics at the same time. Our Digital Twin simulation framework is based on advanced proprietary AI technology and extensive domain knowledge in the social infrastructure sector.

Customers can use this digital twin solution to recreate business-wide operations, which represent enormous amounts of energy consumption in the real world. When combined with our AI optimization technology, customers can find new ways to operate their business that significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

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ESG management with ReNom Apps

01. Reduce your CO2 emissions

GRID’s technology can reduce your CO2 emissions and operation costs at the same time.

More than just visualization, our digital twin solution gives you deep knowledge about the factors impacting your CO2 emissions. This enables you to define and implement CO2 emissions reduction measures with tangible results.


02. Holistic supply chain optimization


Companies are now faced with the challenge of managing not only their own emissions (Scope 1), but also indirect emissions resulting from their upstream and downstream supply chains (Scopes 2 and 3).

Digital Twin optimization with ReNom Apps allows you to optimize your entire supply chain from a holistic perspective and meet emissions standards in all categories.


03. Balance ESG metrics with your bottom line


GRID’s ReNom Apps solution is more than just a simple CO2 reduction calculation tool.

Our solution makes it possible to explore and evaluate multiple scenarios from both ESG and balance sheet perspectives. This enables customers to make the best decisions with confidence.


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