Making Data Preprocessing

ReNom | ReNomDP

Renom DP, a web application that supports the process of understanding data, which is crucial for developing AI, was developed based on user’s problem, which was to grasp the whole data, or to know the important part of the data. With ReNom DP, users can confirm missing part of the time series data
intuitively, and interpolate them by selecting the interpolation method on the screen. Grasping what part of the data is important can be done intuitively, helping users understand the feature of data as well as help users with work process.



ReNomDP displays Histogram and other information when CSV file is loaded. Time series data can also be displayed by choosing the “Time Series” function. The time bar located at the top of the display can be moved to choose certain time frames, enabling users to view the whole or a portion of the data. Other areas of missing data can be interpolated with a single interpolation, by placing the cursor over one area and selecting an interpolation method. The time bar at the bottom of the screen can be used to export portions of selected time, enabling extraction of necessary data.

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