Optimizing power distribution networks with AI

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GRID can support large projects in a variety of industries. For example, GRID uses AI to analyze large amount of collected data, predict power amount from solar cell fields, forecast energy consumption by examining information from smart meters, optimize combustion efficiency for fuels at thermal generating plants, and virtual power plants.



Peak efficiency at thermal power stations

Control of thermal power stations can be optimized by using AI to analyze operational data of various equipments. Icreasing the efficiency of equipments can allow a higher level of operational control. Operational cost can also be reduced by increasing fuel combustion efficiency.

Virtual power plant

A virtual power plant controls multiple small-scale generating stations or power constraint systems as though a single power generating station. At GRID, we provide power network stability, load leveling, and energy saving by using AI to optimize each small-scale generating station, power constraint system and balancing supply and demand.

Forecasting power consumption levels

For office or home appliance operation, a power distribution network can be optimized by forecasting future consumption based on past results. Wider use of AI will result in large energy savings by targeting more efficient energy usage.


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