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Digital twin optimization platform



About ReNom Apps
Taking your business to the next level


ReNom Apps is a platform for building digital twins of enterprise operations and deploying AI algorithms to optimize operational planning and scheduling.

ReNom Apps supports your digital transformation by providing digital twin simulation and AI technology to visualize, automate and optimize business operations.







A powerful digital twin and optimization platform









ReNom Apps Core Features



  Digital twin simulator

Visualize your business

Visualize the future of your business by recreating daily operations in a digital twin simulation. Simulate and evaluate multiple scenarios to select the plan with the most impact on your KPIs.


 Daily planning workflows and management simulation

 Visualization of multiple scenarios enabling accurate decision making



  AI-based planning optimization

Optimize your business

AI optimization algorithms capable of producing optimized plans for your business operations.


Optimize supply chains and resource usage to reduce operating costs

Improve business efficiency with automated AI planning






 Domain-specific GUI applications to accelerate your Digital Transformation

GUI Applications

Applications that seamlessly integrate GRID’s AI-based planning technology with your existing business systems.


 Easy to use for daily workflows

 Enables a true digital transformation






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This document provides an easy-to-understand overview of digital twin optimization, how to introduce it and the potential business impacts.



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