Using AI to support stable plant operations and improve management

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AI is used to analyze plant operations log data and calculate parameters for the most stable plant operation. Using these calculated parameters for plant control stabilizes operations, reduces costs, and decreases impact on the environment.


Power Generation (anomaly detection)

Detecting anomalies and signs of unstable operation can prevent unexpected shutdowns, leading to reliable operation. Implementing AI with various equipment at a power plant can increase plant efficiency and improve safety.

Estimating operation conditions

Inner states of hard-to-access locations, such as blast or electric furnaces, are estimated by using sensors placed around them, collecting data such as the surrounding temperature and pressure. Machine learning can be applied to analyze data, determine the internal conditions based on the data from surrounding monitors, and predict potential changes, thereby enabling stable work processes, more efficient operations, and higher yields.

Searching optimal compositions

Machine learning technology can be used at plants and thermal power stations to instantly recommend composition mixtures most suited to changing external conditions. Efficient operation and high-level R&D can result in reduced operational costs and decreased fuel expenses, boosting the overall plant efficiency.


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