Electric Power Optimization

GRID AI optimization solution
for electric power unit
commitment scheduling.

Corporate philosophy

GRID's philosophy “Infrastructure + Life + Innovation” represents our mission to create innovative solution...


GRID provides ReNom, a Machine Learning / Deep Learning AI development platform created in-house at our Omo...


Machine Learning/Deep Learning AI development platform「 ReNom 」


Estimating Correlation from TDA Data Structure


A web application enabling users to create their own object detection models


Promoting AI in business and applying AI to industry Business and Technology Sharing Community using AI


For engineers who use cutting-edge technology to solve social issues

ESG with ReNom Apps

Object Detection and Image Recognition Made Simple

Creating Object Detection Dataset Easily

Making AI Experience Many Trials to Achieve High-level Behavior

Easy to Build Regression Model Application

Papers presented at JSAI2018

Deep Learning / Reinforcement Learning AI development platform「 ReNom 」

Collaboration with academia to research new algorithms

Estimating Correlation from TDA Data Structure

Making Data Preprocessing

Enabling Various Data Analysis Using AI

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