Shipping operations are the main artery of logistics, transporting goods and energy resources. Skilled engineers spend a great deal of time and effort to formulate the best ship allocation plans, taking into account the ever-changing weather conditions and the supply-demand balance. Grid optimizes all operations related to marine transportation using AI to support our daily lives.





Reproduction of field operations on a digital twin. A precisely reproduced digital twin allows you to test your actions in any situation.



AI derives optimal operations according to set KPIs on the simulator.


Impact of Economic Trends

AI pseudo-generates multiple demand forecast scenarios to prepare for an uncertain future. Optimal plans corresponding to each scenario are calculated, and the results are analyzed to enable robust planning.


Coastal Vessel Allocation Plan

AI optimizes vessel allocation plans for domestic cargo transportation of petroleum and other chemical products as well as daily commodities. AI formulates optimal plans that take into account various constraints such as vessel operating efficiency, product loading balance, and vessel operating hours including voyage time and cargo handling time.

Oceangoing Vessel Allocation Plan

AI will design a digital twin that reflects constraints such as bunkering locations and timing unique to ocean-going vessels via overseas bases and shippers' purchasing contract rules, and formulate the optimal plan.

Fuel Procurement and Loading Plan

A vessel allocation plan for transporting coal, which is used as fuel for power generation, from the procurement base to the power plant. A vessel allocation plan is required to ensure that the power plant does not run out of fuel inventory while satisfying the numerous constraints related to the type of coal storage yard, loading method, and marine transportation. Grid uses AI to automate the formulation of optimal plans that take into account everything from procurement and allocation to loading.

Development of an optimization system for vessel allocation planning for domestic vessels of petroleum products
Idemitsu Kosan
Optimization of the world's largest fleet of approximately 120 car carriers
Nippon Yusen

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