Social implementation of innovations rooted in customer needs and issuesGeneral Manager, Consulting Dept.

Graduated from Keio University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Department of Open and Environmental Sciences. At a power generation system development company, he was in charge of plant design and order receipt for thermal power plants. Currently, as the general manager of the consulting department, he manages projects and conducts pre-sales for electric power, SCM, etc., while entering the company as a PM himself.

Improving productivity in the infrastructure industryGeneral Manager, Engineering Dept.

Graduated from the Graduate School of Systems Innovation at the University of Tokyo. Responsible for on-site safety risk management at a global oil company. Acquired statistical analysis skills while studying abroad, gaining experience in data acquisition, calculation, and interpretation. Currently, he mainly leads electric power optimization projects, leading to the social implementation of supply-demand planning optimization, which had been a monopoly of heavy electric machinery manufacturers in the industry. He is highly trusted by his team members, and as the head of the engineering department, he is also focusing on improving the technical capabilities and organization of the company as a whole.

Become a leader in Industrial SaaS!CTO

Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Physics and Information Systems. Worked at a steel manufacturing system integrator, where he was in charge of infrastructure environment construction. He has been leading the development of AI development platform since the launch of Grid's AI business. From 2020, he will lead Grid's technology development as CTO.

Building an advanced software culture that will be the driving force behind a major social revolutionDS

Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Faculty of Science, Department of Applied Physics. He has been working for a steel-related company for more than 30 years, introducing artificial intelligence, operations research, and scientific simulation technologies to manufacturing sites for manufacturing and logistics optimization, business improvement and efficiency, and safety measures. He focuses on brushing up technologies to make them continue to be used. At Grid, he has been active in the SCM field as DS, utilizing his extensive experience.

GRID's technology in a global standeed.DS

B.S. in Physics from the University of Washington. In graduate school, studied Super-Kamiokande particle physics data analysis and statistical algorithms. Acquired AI skills at an IT company with global operations. Currently, he is working on next generation urban design using AI, focusing on Smart City PJ.

Realizing human resources that support people who want to do valuable work to the best of their abilityHRBP

Graduated from Mie University with a Master's degree in Social Psychology. Worked at a foundation in charge of accelerator business to nurture venture companies. Currently, as HRBP of the AI Business Division, she focuses on organizational development, aiming to be an HR person who does everything for the organization, from recruiting to HR evaluation, employee development, team building, and planning and managing internal events.

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