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Electricity and energy are the driving force of social activities. The operation of a stable supply of power and energy is protected by skilled engineers who formulate and execute the best operation plans, taking into account a variety of factors that fluctuate on a daily basis. The grid supports people's daily lives by optimizing all operations related to electric power and energy through AI.




Market Diversification

Reproduction of field operations on a digital twin. A precisely reproduced digital twin allows you to test your actions in any situation.


Promotion of decarbonization

AI derives optimal operations according to set KPIs on the simulator.


Stable Supply

AI pseudo-generates multiple demand forecast scenarios to prepare for an uncertain future. Optimal plans corresponding to each scenario are calculated, and the results are analyzed to enable robust planning.


Power supply and Demand plan

In order to meet the demand for electricity, power generation facilities are operated under an operating plan that starts and stops power generation turbine counties with a variety of characteristics. Since electricity cannot be stored, supply and demand must match. By using AI to optimize power supply and demand planning tasks, which require very advanced control skills, significant reductions in operating costs can be expected.

Transmission and Distribution Route Planning

Electricity produced at power plants is delivered to consumers via substations and power transmission and distribution facilities. By reproducing the power transmission and distribution network on a digital twin, it is expected to minimize power loss caused by power transmission and distribution and to optimize capital investment by simulating optimal routes for expansion.

Fuel Procurement and Loading Plan

A vessel allocation plan for transporting coal, which is used as fuel for power generation, from the procurement base to the power plant. The vessel allocation plan is required to ensure that the power plant does not run out of fuel inventory while satisfying the numerous constraints related to the type of coal storage yard, loading method, and marine transportation. Grid uses AI to automate the formulation of optimal plans that take into account everything from procurement and vessel allocation to loading.

Special Interview

Introduction of electricity supply-demand planning system using ReNom Power
Shikoku Electric Power Company
Power / Energy
Development of an optimization system for thermal and hydroelectric power generation operation planning
Hokkaido Electric Power Company
Power / Energy

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